Harry Edwards Foundation

The Harry Edwards Foundation offers holistic therapies and healing gardens. Everyone is welcome to come and explore the grounds, take part in various wellbeing activities, or simply enjoy coffee, cake and countryside views at our cafe. For over 75 years we have offered a balancing and holistic therapy, known as healing, to improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Healing is open to all visitors.

Healing, Workshops, Events & Retreats at Burrows Lea

Contact Healing

Healing can improve physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The purpose is to channel a calming and balancing energy for clients to use as they need. This practice increases connection with self and in turn, capacity for self healing.

Telephone/Zoom Healing

Healing over the telephone, or video call (Via Zoom), allows a direct energetic connection between healer and recipient, and follows a similar sequence to the healing we provide for our contact healing at Burrows Lea.

Request Distant Healing

We have an ever growing community of friends online and offer distant healing to anyone who cannot visit us in person. Distant healing has been a part of the offering of the Harry Edwards Foundation for decades and we warmly accept all requests.

Animal healing

The Harry Edwards Foundation has always had a close affinity with animals, who are very welcome at Burrows Lea. In times gone by people used to walk their horses up the drive for healing sessions and, although we mainly treat dogs now, we still see all sorts of pets on our special animal days. Animals are able to overcome many physical problems but sometimes a little extra help is needed.

Online | The Healing Minute

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday at 10am. Every day people from over 95 countries around the world join with Harry Edwards Sanctuary to focus their thoughts on healing for those in need and for world peace.

We invite you to join us at 10 o’clock your own local time and add your own positive thought in a minute of meditation in sending energy to those in need wherever they are in the world and become part of a world energy peace force.


Healing is holistic therapy that restores and rebalances, improving physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Burrows Lea

Everyone is welcome to explore the grounds, or simply enjoy a coffee and stunning countryside views at our café.

Burrows Lea

What’s On

There is lots going on at Burrows Lea. Find all our events and activities here if you are looking for something specific.

What’s On

Harry Edwards Healing College

All of our in person courses take place at Burrows Lea, providing a stunning backdrop to your healer training journey. We have 6 bedrooms on site making overnight stays possible and 30 acres of ground to enjoy that include bluebell woods, a labyrinth, and the famous Cherry Tree Walk. A wonderful setting to learn in.

Already a healer? Do join us on our regular CPD courses or ask about our bridging course to become a certified Harry Edwards healer.