Become a volunteer healer or help in the sanctuary and grounds.


“The healer possesses the art of attunement between his spirit mind and his conscious mind thus becoming an instrument to be used by the spirit guides.  The guide is able to direct the healing purpose to the physical mind via the spirit mind, and so with experience to become a conscious instrument in the act of healing.  The hands are used as terminal points whereby the healing energies are transformed and transmitted to the patient, generally in a very short time – perhaps in a matter of seconds.”

Harry Edwards

Become a volunteer healer

All of our volunteer healers are fully qualified registered healers. A lot of them have qualified here at our Harry Edwards Healing College. They kindly give us their time to help us carry on Harry Edwards’ legacy and help Burrows Lea Country House continue to be the Home of Healing.

If you are a qualified healer and would like to join our team of volunteers please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Andrea Hill.

Volunteer in the house & grounds

We are also grateful to have volunteers help with the maintenance of our country house and have a gardening club to keep o ur extensive grounds looking beautiful.

Our volunteers benefit from a warm welcome, opportunities to absorb the peace at Burrows Lea and a discount in the café.

If you might like to join us, please contact Andrea Hill.

Email by clicking on the link below or call 01483 205636 for more information.