A powerful holistic therapy to restore and rebalance.


What is Healing?

Healing is a gentle holistic therapy that restores and rebalances, improving physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The practice of healing is very simple. A healing practitioner will sit quietly with a client and focus on channelling the healing energy of the natural world to give support in whatever form it is needed.

How does it work?

The modern pace of life can lead to stress, anxiety and illness. Peace, calm and positivity are known to be powerful tools in wellbeing. Certainly our clients find that the results of a healing session can be at the very least soothing and relaxing, and at best, incredibly profound. Whether your personal belief system attributes such a response to our connection to the natural world, a higher power, or simply the benefits of a positive mental attitude, is entirely up to you. Healing practitioners are only concerned with providing a positive energy for the people who come to us.

What is contact healing?

Delivered from the healing rooms at the Harry Edwards Foundation. You will sit on a chair or lie on a couch and you’ll be asked to try to relax and let the Healing Practitioner work. They will move around your body connecting to various energy centres – it is your choice whether they touch you or not. Every recipient’s experience of healing is different. Many people experience deep relaxation. It is common to feel warmth or cold, or to see colours, or indeed to feel nothing in the first instance.

What is distant healing?

We have an ever growing community of friends online and offer distant healing to anyone who cannot visit us in person. Although some people find the concept of healing in person easier to understand, the idea that there is benefit in positive intention without contact is not new. The power of prayer and the power of meditation have been integral parts to many cultures and religions for 5000 years, and for good reason. Distant healing has been a part of the offering of the Harry Edwards Foundation for decades and we warmly accept all requests.

What is telephone/Zoom healing?

For those that are unable to visit us for Contact Healing, but would like a more direct contact than Distant Healing, we also offer telephone healing. Healing over the telephone, or video call, allows a direct connection between healer and recipient, and follows a similar sequence to the healing we provide to those who come to Burrows Lea. There is time for talking at the beginning and relaxation, before the healer attunes to the healing energies and commences the formal healing. There is usually time for a little more talk before the session ends.

About our Healers

Our Healing Practitioners come from all walks of life, and are very different people with different experiences and beliefs. This diversity is part of what makes such a rich and welcoming atmosphere at Burrows Lea. As well as being compassionate and kind, all our healers are fully trained, qualified and DBS checked. They are not paid but offer their time as volunteers to help those who need it.

The Harry Edwards Foundation offers healing sessions on a donation basis, rather than a set charge. This is so it remains open to those whose financial situation would otherwise prohibit them from the practice . It also means that, like any charity, we rely on support.