Harry Edwards

The life and work of Harry Edwards.

Harry Edwards

Early life

Harry Edwards was born in London in 1893. One of nine children, his father was a printer and his mother a dressmaker. As a young man, Harry entered a seven-year printing apprenticeship and became interested in politics – an interest that would stay with him for many years.

First world war

After completing his apprenticeship in 1914, he enlisted in the Royal Sussex Regiment during the First World War. He was commissioned in the field, achieving the rank of Captain, and was sent to Persia (now Iran) to take charge of scores of local labourers tasked to build a link between two sections of the Baghdad to Mosul Railway.

Injuries and illness led to many of the locals coming to him for medical treatment, even though Harry had only the barest essentials with which to treat them. Nevertheless, the recovery rate was remarkable, and word soon spread of his healing.

Returning home

In 1921, he returned home, married and opened a stationer’s shop and printing works in Balham with his wife. In the meantime, his long-held interest in politics led him to stand for parliamentary and council seats on several occasions over the next few years. He continued to explore Healing, and with many success stories, media interest increased. Harry’s reputation and that of Healing in general soared. Harry Edwards’ healing work now became a significant part of his life and threatened his ability to continue running his printing business. He practised healing on evenings and weekends, queues forming at his house, and more healing requests and progress reports were arriving by mail.

Second world war

With the outbreak of the Second World War, Harry joined the Home Guard, healing members of the Armed Forces and even his son. Following a move to Stoneleigh shortly after the war, he began to use the front room of his house as a healing s pace. Harry continued to commute to his business in Balham, but by 1946, his healing work was the most significant part of his life. His brother took on the printing business, and Harry, with the support of one of his sisters and her husband, purchased Burrows Lea, a house in Shere, to dedicate to Healing.

A life dedicated to healing

At the height of Harry Edwards’ ministry, he was receiving over 10,000 letters per week. In 1948, he conducted a healing demonstration in Manchester, which 6,000 people attended. This was only one of many similar demonstrations conducted in venues from Newcastle to Amsterdam at which he rolled up his sleeves and brought healing to people of all ages and backgrounds with his characteristic humour and humility. Harry Edwards passed away in 1976, but the charity that he founded carries on, continuing his legacy and bringing healing to thousands all over the world.

Ramus Branch’s superb biography is highly recommended for more in-depth information about Harry Edwards. You’ll find it and many of Harry Edwards’ books on Spiritual Healing in online and physical shops.

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