Workshops | 13th April 2024 | Let’s Talk Astrology

Workshops | 13th April 2024 | Let’s Talk Astrology


Searching for enlightenment or wanting to feel more grounded?

Astrology offers a unique route to self-discovery, a vital holistic anchor in our fast-moving, ever-changing society.

Time: 10:30 am – 4 pm

“No prior knowledge of astrology required.”

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Let’s Talk Astrology!

Join us for a series of one-day in-person workshops exploring the fascinating subject of astrology.

Saturday – April 13th – Astrology of Relationships
How do you handle critical relationships – fight or flight? Contact your Mars and Venus to discover rewarding ways to navigate the choppy seas of love and friendships.

Strength of character is initially forged within the early learning experience of family relationships. Negotiating strategies learned in kindergarten shape how we face adversity and get what we want. Is it through diplomacy and tact? Or do we want to grab our heart’s desire without consideration of other people’s feelings?

In this in-person workshop, through the astrological expression of Venus and Mars in the birth chart, we will review our sense of values and self-worth and consider how these principles colour our relationship towards family, friends and the world around us.

Saturday – May 25th – Where in the world?
Have you ever wondered why certain cities or countries attract or repel you? Plotting your birth chart’s planets within a solar map may provide the answer.

This in-person workshop applies location-based astrology by recalculating your birth details to another city and country as if you had been born in a different place. We will consider how your approach to life, love and career could change the circumstances in your life. A helpful guide if you are contemplating a change of career that takes you abroad, looking for love, or planning that retirement home in the sun that you have always dreamed of!

Saturday – June 8th – Asteroid Goddesses
Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta are named after the Roman goddesses who embody the divine wisdom of the sacred feminine. Connect with their strength through your birth chart.

In astrology, out of the seven traditional and three transpersonal planets that comprise a birth chart, only the Moon and Venus are attributed to the female archetype. With the re-emergence of the feminine principle of power in society co-occurring with the discovery of asteroids, modern astrologers assigned four major asteroids to the Roman goddesses who embodied the divine wisdom of the sacred feminine. Wisdom that was worshipped within the Greco-Roman mystery rites, whose secret ritual practices were not disclosed by initiates upon pain of death!

Just as the planets named after male gods relate to women’s lives, the asteroid goddesses Ceres – agriculture and fertility; Pallas – wisdom and justice; Juno – marriage; and Vesta – the hearth are also crucial in the lives of men.

This workshop allows you to discover where these goddesses reside within your birth chart and recognize how each goddess’s themes can deepen your understanding of that function and expression in your life.

Lindsay Gladstone

Lindsay Gladstone is an astrological consultant. Her passionate exploration of the soul’s connection with the cosmos culminated in the Faculty of Astrological Studies (DFAstrolS) Diploma and an M.A. in Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred from Canterbury Christchurch University.

For several years, Lindsay was Head of Exams, a Council member and tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and Registrar for the Faculty’s prestigious Summer School held at Exeter College, Oxford. Lecturing in the UK and Europe, her journey has evolved into Axis Mundi Astrology.

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Saturday 13th April 2024 – Astrology of Relationships, Saturday 25th May 2024 – Where in the world?, Saturday 8th June 2024 – Asteroid Goddesses